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The anniversaries of the year 2018

610th –

on 9th (or 16th) of February, 1408 Vytautas the Great granted Kaunas the so-called Magdeburg Rights.
605th –
on 22nd of April, 1413 Kaunas Parochial St. Peter and Paul‘s Church (present St. Peter and Paul Archcathedral Basilica) was mentioned for the first time..
555th –

in 1463 Kazimieras Jogailaitis expanded the city rights (the oldest known privilege).

545th –

in 1473 the first Kaunas parochial school (at the parochial St. Peter and Paul‘s church) was mentioned.

525th –

in 1493 St. Michael‘s Church was mentioned in written documents for the first time.


in 1558 Evangelist Lutheran church (kirchė) was established.
255th –

in 1763 Aukštoji Panemunė was granted town rights and the first stone church, consecrated as Apostles Simon and Jude Church, was built.

210th –
in 1808 the official fire-brigade of the municipal government was founded.
190th –
in 1828 Kaunas Postal Station was built in City Hall Square.
175th –

in 1843 Kaunas province (gubernija) was established.

170th –

in 1848 the first Lithuanian book in Kaunas was published at Mauša Tipografas (Zymelovičius) printing house.

165th –
in 1853 the first steam brewery, owned by I. B. Volf, started operating in Vilijampolė, laying the foundations for Lithuanian beer industry.
160th –

in 1858 a decree was issued ensuring Jewish people the right to live and build houses in all parts of Kaunas.

125th –
in 1863 a telegraph station with 10 telegraph operators was opened in Kaunas.
in 1863 a railway station was built in Kaunas.
on 28th of December, 1863 one of the leaders of the Polish-Lithuanian uprising, priest Antanas Mackevičius, was executed by the Tsarist government in Kaunas.
135th –
on 26th of November, 1883 the Court of Kaunas County was established.
110th –
in 1898 Evangelical Baptist church was built on Šančiai outskirts.
on 21st of November, 1898 the City Museum was opened to the public.
in 1898 2nd congresses of the Jewish Workers‘ Union (Bund) took place in Kaunas.
in December of 1898 the Folk Centre (Liaudies namai) was built.
110th –
on 30th of November, 1908 Kaunas Red Cross Hospital was opened.

105th –

in 1913 an airport was built in Aukštoji Panemunė.
in 1913 “Saulės” gymnasium was built.

100th –
on 4th of April, 1918 Ost-marks were issued in Kaunas.
95th –
on 22nd of April, 1923 Agricultural Cooperative Union was established.
on 18th of July, 1923 the first girls’ pro-gymnasium in Lithuania was established in “Saulės” house.
on 22nd of September, 1923 Salamonai brothers’ tobacco and cigarettes factory was opened.
on 23rd of November, 1923 sculpture bust of Dr. Jonas Basanavičius was unveiled at the garden of the War Museum.
in 1923 was established Rašliavos museum under the Faculty of Humanities of the Lithuania University.
in 1923 food processing factory Maistas was established in Kaunas.
in 1923 the Botanical Garden was established in Aukštoji Freda.
in 1923 the Consulate of Norway was opened in Kaunas.

90th –

on 16th of February, 1928 the palace which housed Lithuanian National Students’ Corporation “Neo-Lithuania” was solemnly opened.
on 27th of February, 1928 the Kaunas Institute for the Blind was opened.
on 23rd of March, 1928 the joint-stock company “Pažanga” was established.
on 14th of May, 1928 the Statue of Liberty was unveiled in the Garden of the War Museum.
on 20th of July, 1928 a joint-stock printing-house “Spindulys” was established.
on 4th of December, 1928 Metropolitain, one of the largest cinemas (800 seats), was opened.
on 22nd of December, 1928 Panemunė bridge across the Nemunas river was built.
in 1928 St. Lucas Hospital was established near the 7th fort.
in 1928 tricot company “Silva” started operating in Vilijampolė.
in 1928 small Christ’s Resurrection Church was built.
85th –
on 12th of January, 1933 Petrašiūnai Paper Factory started operating.
on 19th of July, 1933 60,000 people gathered at Kaunas airport to pay honour to the pilots S. Darius’ and S. Girėnas’ remains.
in 1933 the Palace of Medicine Faculty of Vytautas Magnus University was opened.
in 1933 stock company and factory of rubber articles “Inkaras” was founded in Vilijampolė.
in 1933 Kaunas County Municipality Palace was built.
in 1933 the set of buildings of Veterinary Academy was started to built.
75th –
on 1st of July, 1938 the official opening ceremony of Kaunas Zoological Gardens took place.
on 29th of March, 1938 the legation of Poland
was established.
in 1938 Research laboratory was built by the order of Armament Board of the Ministry of National Defence.
in 1938 The Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus was built in Žemieji Šančiai.
in 1938 Savings-bank Palace (Taupomųjų kasų rūmai) was built.
in 1938 the factory ‘‘Š. Zalberio koklių ir keramikos fabrikas’’ was founded in Vilijampolė.
75th –
on 16–17th of March, 1943 in order to revenge Lithuanians for the boycott of SS legion foundation, Germans arrested 48 significant public and cultural figures, 17 of whom were Kaunas citizens, and brought them to Stutthof concentration camp (Poland).
on 25th of November, 1943 the main underground political organ Supreme Committee for the Liberation of Lithuania or (VLIK) (Lithuanian: Vyriausiasis Lietuvos išlaisvinimo komitetas) was established in Kaunas.
60th –
on 1st of January, 1948 Petrašiūnai settlement was incorporated into the city.
on 16th of November, 1948 V. Kapsukas-Mickevičius Printing House was established.
in 1948 Petras Cvirka Memorial Museum was founded.
65th –
in 1953 residential district was finished to built in the Karalius Mindaugas Quay (until 1988 known as Pergalės Quay).
in 1953 Kaunas Radio Works (also known as ‘‘Kauno radijo fabrikas’’) was established.
in 1953 Kaunas Technikum of Food Industry was founded.
in 1953 the Odontology Clinic was opened.
60th –
in 1958 Museum of the Ninth Fort, a holocaust remembrance symbol, was established.
55th –
on 2nd of August, 1963 Kaunas Thermal Network Company was founded.
45th –
in 1973 the restaurant “Pasimatymas” (1973) was opened.
in 1973 Kaunas Artists’ House was founded.
40th –
in 1978 The Kaunas Picture Gallery was built and an exposition was opened.
in 1978 the Palace of Ritual Services was built.
in 1978 the Eiguliai residential district was started to built.
35th –
on 1st of March, 1983 the department of SSR Museum of Lithuanian Folk Instruments was established.
in 1983 the Museum of Sport Aviation was opened.
in 1983 Varniai bridge across the river Neris was built.
30th on 10th of June, 1988 The Initiative group of the Lietuvos Persitvarkymo Sąjūdis (eng. The Reform Movement of Lithuania) for Kaunas zone was elected.
on 1st of July, 1988 airport of civil aviation was opened in Karmėlava.
in 1988 Simonas Daukantas pedestrian bridge to the Nemunas Island was built.
in 1988 the renovation of the inner yard and the monuments of the National Museum of History was started.
25th – on 4th of June, 1993 the Resistance and Exile Museum was founded.
on 17th of July, 1993 during the commemoration of the 60th anniversary of the Lituanica’s Flight a monument for the Lithuanian pilots S. Darius and S. Girėnas was unveiled in Ąžuolynas.
on 31st of August, 1993 the last Russian military unit leaves Kaunas.
on 6th of September, 1993 the Pope John Paul II performed a Mass at the confluence of the Nemunas and the Neris.
on 29th of October, 1993 the Joint Stock Company ‘‘Pirmas žingsnis’’ (‘‘The first step’’) was founded.
in 1993 the first part of the Lampėdžiai Bridge (Česlovas Radzinauskas Bridge) across the Nemunas in the West bypass of Kaunas was opened.
20th – on 13–15th of June, 1998 the remains of Stasys Lozoraitis (1924–1994) were brought back from the USA and buried in the Petrašiūnai Cemetery.
in 1998 the construction of the Holy Spirit (the Šilainiai) Church was started.
15th – on 21st of November, 2003 the shopping and service centre ‘‘Molas’’ was opened.
on 12th of December, 2003 the shopping centre ‘‘Hyper Maxima’’ was opened.
in 2003 the residential complex the Freda town was being started to build.
10th – in July of 2008 the amphitheatre was established in the Nemunas Old Harbour.
on 26th of September, 2008 the construction of Kaunas Palace of Sports and Entertainment („Žalgiris“ arena) was started in the Nemunas Island.
on 12th of November, 2008 a development programme of Kaunas Integrated Science, Studies and Business Centre (Valley) “Santaka” was approved by the government.
in 2008 the Kaunas Good Shepherd Church was built in Dainava residential district.

The anniversaries were selected only from dates, which were listed in the electronic dictionary "Kaunas: dates and facts".