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Famous Kaunas Citizens: Immortalization of Their Names
The electronic directory presents systematized material, collected from different sources, about commemoration places and media in Kaunas, its suburbs and the present-day Kaunas County from 1918 to present.


Database of Publications about Kaunas (PKDB)
In 2004, collection of the Database (PKDB) was started in the Reading Hall of Kaunas Studies, Kaunas County Public Library, stored in the analytical bibliography subsystem of the Lithuanian Integral Library Information System (LIBIS). It contains information about Kaunas, illustrations of books, continuous publications and Kaunas daily newspapers.


Kaunas County Archivies
Information, services, links to all the State archives of Lithuania, search in the records of Lithuanian archives.



Kaunas Fortress
Forts, batteries, bunkers, cantonments, fortifications.


Kaunas Monasteries and Convents


Tourist Information Centre of Kaunas Region
Established in 1999, the Centre promotes Kaunas City and County in Lithuania and abroad, develops the image of Kaunas Region, accumulates and disseminates tourist information about places of interest, tours, events, entertainment, etc.


City history, events, culture, education, international relations, transport, city map, city municipality



Kaunas Map Search
Interactive map. Search according to objects, streets, museums, theatres, etc.


The biggest portal of information on professional arts of all kinds in Lithuania, which is updated daily in Lithuanian and English.

The database of Kaunas wooden architecture

Architecture and Urbanism Research Centre


Museums of Lithuanian, Kaunas region

Vytautas the Great War Museum

Lithuanian Museum of the History of Education

Museum of the History of Lithuania Medicine and Pharmacy
Lithuanian Aviation Museum
Maironis Lithuanian Literature Museum
Museum of Kaunas Archbishop‘s Office
Sugihara House
Kaunas Tadas Ivanauskas Zoological Museum
Lithuanian Zoological Gardens
Museum of the Ninth Fort of Kaunas
Kauno Marios Regional Park