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Ancient chroniclers and printers of first books used to decorate texts with ornaments, illustrate them with drawings that were probably never considered as important historical documents, but were valuable as an expression of cultural communication. The authors of the electronic directory “Kaunas: Dates and Facts“ have followed the same way by illustrating historical dates and facts with Kaunas views.
History is closely related to photography which provides visual illustrations of the city history to the wide audience in any part of the country or the world.
City photography shows the past, a stopped moment or even an age, reflected in a single sight. It is the silence that is the city‘s talk.
Section “Kaunas Views“, in addition to old Kaunas drawings, engravings, and lithographs, contains photos and cards illustrating the city‘s life in seven different historical periods. They present panoramic views of the city and its environs, streets, architectural monuments and other buildings, different events and people.
All illustrations in this section were collected from Kaunas County Public library (KCPL) and other libraries, Vytautas the Great Military Museum repositories and personal collections.

Old Kaunas in drawings, engravings and lithographs
Tsarist period (1795–1915)
German Occupation (1915–1918)
First Republic of Lithuania (1918–1940)
First Soviet Occupation (1940–1941)
German Occupation (1941–1944)
Second Soviet Occupation (1944–1990)
Second Republic of Lithuania (1990–present)