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German Occupation (1915–1918)

1915 Kaunas Airport was established in Aleksotas. 
18.05.1915 head of the Russian Army ordered to have all Jews exiled from Kaunas in three days.  
15.08.1915 while withdrawing, the Russian army burned the wooden Nemunas bridge, built 200m up the stream from Vytautas Church in 1914.  
18.08.1915 after 11 days of battles, Kaunas was taken by the German army, and the fortress lost its strategic value. 
15.09.1915 the first Lithuanian gymnasium was established in Kaunas, 
16.09.1915 German Kaiser Wilhelm II arrived in Kaunas to celebrate the victory after the seizure of the fortress. 
01.12.1915 the military authorities in Kaunas started publishing Befehls und Verwaltungsblatt der Ober Ost (News of Military Government).  
06.08.1916 the Oberost Eastern Credit Bank (Darlehnskasse Ost) issuing Ost-roubles, the only legal currency in Lithuania at that time, was moved to Kaunas. At the end of the year, ration coupons for bread (Brotkarten) were introduced. On April 04, 1918, Ost-marks were issued in Kaunas.  
1917 Panemunė cemetery was established (Tylos St.).  
1917 the 1812 obelisk, the symbol of the Russian province of Kaunas, was removed from City Hall Square by the German army and taken to Germany as metal scrap. 
1918 the names of Kaunas streets and suburbs were replaced by German ones. The former Nikolayevskij prospekt was called Kaiser Wilhelm street (Kaiser Wilhelmstrasse; since 1919 – Laisvės Avenue).