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First Soviet Occupation (1940–1941)

15.06.1940 the last session of the independent government of Lithuania took place in the presidential palace from 2 a.m. to 13 p.m. in which the ultimatum of USSR was accepted.  
19.06.1940 Communists took over the governance of Interior Ministry and its structures. 
29.06.1940 rally and demonstration in which participated thousands of people took place in P. Vileišis Square next to the Government Palace and the Representation of the USSR. 
01–13.07.1940 the Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania was released; scenario of the election to the new Seimas was quickly created in the legation of USSR and approved in Moscow.  
14–15.07.1940 election to the People's Parliament were organized; it was a “play” in which Lithuania refused its independence.  
21.07.1940 the first session of People's Parliament was organized in the State Theatre. 
01.08–30.07.1940 the nationalization of Lithuanian economy and trade was started in Kaunas. 
14–15.08.1940 congress was held for teachers in the Sports Hall. 
20.08.1940 the Folk Fight Museum was established. 
17.10.1940 decentralization of theatrics started: Children’s Theatre of Kaunas was established; Kaunas Operetta Theatre was established on 27.11.1940. 
20.11.1940 Kaunas lost its autonomy. On 12.11.1940 Kaunas Municipality was liquidated by the decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Council of Lithuanian SSR.  
24.11.1940, People's University was opened after reorganization.  
December 1940 – January 1941 the first significant signs of anti-Soviet resistance emerged:  
1940 Kaunas School of Applied Arts was founded (after the reorganization of an Art School).  
13.01.1941 the Kaunas Confectionary Factory ‘‘Gegužės 1-oji’’ was established (originated from the factory ‘‘Tilka’’) and the same year it was renamed to ‘‘Ramunė‘‘.  
26.03.1941 the establishment of the company ‘‘Kelių įmonė’’ (‘‘The Road Company’’) 
14–18.06.1941 the first mass deportations were carried out.