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Second Republic of Lithuania (1990 – present)

14.06.1990 Kaunas laid the foundation for the start of destruction of the Soviet Occupation symbols by tearing down the statues of the former Communist persona’s Vincas Mickevičius-Kapsukas and Feliksas Dzeržinskis. 
13.01.1991 the USSR armed forces took over the Radio and Television Buildings in Vilnius.  
19–21.04.1991 was organized the first international Kaunas Jazz Festival (instructor J. Jučas). 
20.06.1991 a monument ‘‘Cross—Tree’’ (sculptor R. Antinis Jr., architect E. Miliūnas) for the rebels against the Soviet Invasion on the 22nd —28th of June in 1941 was built in the Ramybės Park (former Kaunas old cemetery).  
02.08.1991 the Lithuanian Sport Museum was officially opened (as the Lithuanian Sport History subdivision in Vytautas the Great War Museum, Muziejaus St. 7).  
Since 1991 the awards of the Kaunas City Municipality were established: 
Since 1991 Kaunas is the only Lithuanian city which is part of the ‘‘Naujoji Hanza’’ (the New Hansa) Union.  
1991 a jazz orchestra called ‘‘Kauno bigbendas’’ was formed (former instructor R. Grabštas, present – A. Butas). 
05.02.1992 Maironis Lithuanian Literature Museum - Museum of Children Literature was opened (founded in 1991). 
07.08.1992 the Joint Stock Company “Urmas’’ was established. 
24.09.1992 Kaunas Reservoir Regional Park was established. 
October 1992 the Small Theatre of Kaunas was founded by R. Atkočiūnas 
1992 a construction Joint Stock Company ‘‘Požeminiai darbai’’ started working.  
1992 the Joint Stock Company ‘‘Kauno dujotiekio statyba’’ (‘‘Kaunas Gas Pipeline Construction’’, Elekrėnų St. 7) was established. 
1992 a Joint Stock company ‘‘Senukai’’ was founded.  
04.06.1993 the Resistance and Exile Museum (Vytauto Ave. 46) was founded. It is located in the Ramybės Park. 
17. 07.1993 during the commemoration of the 60th anniversary of the Lituanica’s Flight a monument for the Lithuanian pilots S. Darius and S. Girėnas was unveiled in Ąžuolynas.  
31.08.1993 the last Russian military unit leaves Kaunas.  
06.09.1993 the Pope John Paul II performed a Mass at the confluence of the Nemunas and the Neris. 
29.10.1993 the Joint Stock Company ‘‘Pirmas žingsnis’’ (‘‘The first step’’) was founded.  
1993 the first part of the Lampėdžiai Bridge (Česlovas Radzinauskas Bridge) across the Nemunas was opened in the West bypass of Kaunas (in the Via Baltica Highway).  
07.07.1994 the opening of the World Lithuanian Song Festival took place in Kaunas. 
1994 a memorial museum was founded in the apartment of the painter/stage designer Liudas Truikys and his wife, the opera soloist Marijona Rakauskaitė. (E. Fryko St. 14)  
1994 the Museum of Postal Services, Telecommunications and Informatics was opened in the former 19th century postal office.  
06.07.1995 the bishop of Vilkaviškis Juozas Žemaitis consecrated the Congregation Convent of Sisters of St. Elizabeth (J. Pabrėžos St. 1). 
December 1995 hotel ‘‘Santaka’’ (J. Gruodžio St. 21) was opened, which in 1997 changed its name to ‘‘Best Western Santaka’’ 
15.08.1996 the church of Blessed Virgin Mary, Queen of the Rosary (Palemonas) and the Salesian center homes were sanctified. 
22.10.1996 – Kaunas free economic zone (or Special Economic Zone–SEZ) was established in Karmėlava. 
14.12.1996 the Galaunė Family Memorial Museum was opened (Vydūno Alley 2) in the home of art historian and former director of M. K. Čiurlionis Art Museum Paulius Galaunė and his wife, opera singer Adelė Nazabitauskaitė-Galaunienė. 
1996 the first Pažaislis Music Festival was held which became a traditional event and lasts the whole summer. 
1996 Kolping Further Education School was established (Laisvės Al. 101). 
08.07.1997 the memorial museum of the writer, the canon and the social activist Juozas Tumas—Vaižgantas was opened at his former apartment (Aleksoto St. 10–4) near the Vytautas the Great Church.  
1997 a music club “Combo’’ was established in the former movie theatre “ Laisvė’’ (in 1992 a music company “Combo’’ was founded) . 
1997 an international textile art exhibition “Tekstilė’97” was held, which also gave a start to Kaunas Biennial. 
13/15.06.1998 the remains of Stasys Lozoraitis (1924–1994) were brought back from the USA and buried in the Petrašiūnai Cemetery. 
1998 the construction of the Holy Spirit (the Šilainiai) Church was started. 
20.05.1999 the first commemoration of the Day of Kaunas City 
July 1999 Kaunas Tourism Information Centre was established. 
08. 09. 1999 International Management School of higher education was established. 
31.10.1999 the Chapel of the Holy Family was consecrated in the hall of the Culture House of the former “Rokai Ceramics”. 
1999 the maintenance of the mechanical—chemical water purification mechanisms in Marvelė was started (1st step of the project). 
01–04.06.2000 the 2nd Lithuanian Eucharistic Congress took place in Kaunas.  
10.06.2000 the first festival for motorcyclists (bikers) “Bike Show Millennium” was held in Kaunas. 
15.06.2000 a monument for the Passion of Lithuanian genocide victims was unveiled in the Petrašiūnai Cemetery.  
May 2001 the construction of the Blessed Jurgis Matulaitis Church in the Eiguliai residential district (architect R. Zimkus; S. Žukausko St. 3B). 
04.06.2001 Cardinal Vincentas Sladkevičius Menorial Museum was opened in the cardinal’s apartment (V. Valančiaus St. 6). 
14.05.2002 the monument ‘‘Aukos laukas’’ (‘‘The Sacrifice Field’’) and the writing ‘‘Romas Kalanta 1972’’for Romas Kalanta sacrifice location was unveiled.  
04–07.07.2002 the festival ‘‘Operetta in Kaunas Castle’’ was held for the first time.  
30.09.2002 the Museum of the Lithuanian Association of International Police Force, Kaunas Division was opened. 
22.10.2002 M. K. Čiurlionis Bridge across the Nemunas was completed (the building started in 1991). It connects Freda and Aleksotas residential districts with the city centre. The bridge is 375 metres in length, 29.4 metres in width and carries six lanes of automobile traffic (24metres). 
21.11.2003 the shopping and service centre ‘‘Molas’’ was opened (project by the architect Juozaitis). 
2003–2006 the residential complex the Freda town was being built which in 2009 received an award ‘‘For Fruitful Expansion’’ established by the Lithuanian Real Estate Development Association (LNTPA). 
15.09.-08.10.2004 the first Lithuanian photography festival “Kaunas Photo Days” took place. 
2005 the Kaunas City Symphony Orchestra started its work (it was founded in 2004). 
10.04.2007 the shopping and leisure centre ‘‘Akropolis’’ was opened.  
July 2008 the amphitheatre (architects A. Prikockienė and A. Velutis) was established in the Nemunas Old Harbour.  
26.09.2008 the construction of Kaunas Palace of Sports and Entertainment was started in the Nemunas Island.  
12.11.2008 a development programme of Kaunas Integrated Science, Studies and Business Centre (Valley) “Santaka” was approved by the government.  
2008 the Kaunas Good Shepherd Church (architect A. Kančas) was built in Dainava residential district (V. Krėvės Ave. 95A). 
22.08.2010 a monument was unveiled in the Ramybės Park (Vytauto Ave.) for the Mother of the Lithuanian Freedom Fighters.  
2010–2011 the Kaunas Region Camping Site was under construction (Gervių St. 9), officially opened on 20.07.2012 
14.02.2011 the President Valdas Adamkus's Library & Museum was established by Vytautas Magnus University, Kaunas City Municipality, and President Valdas Adamkus. 
24.03.2014 Vainatrakis Cemetery was opened. 
March 2015 European Commission granted the European Heritage Label (EHL) for Kaunas interwar modernism architecture.